Remote thought signals in our atmosphere

Oakleaf 7/12/18, 9:40 AM

Please read Renee Pittman's book, "Remote Brain Targeting". This will tell you about remote thought signals that are being used on mankind. Remember to take shielding sometimes to protect your behaviors and thoughts. The remote thought signals are also referred to as "The Beast in the skies". The attack on life. Mankind can not hear, see, or feel the signals.

Another future slick plan that they are planning to use in the future is by Governor Jerry Brown (Moon Beam), signing for monitoring of our water usages beginning in 2022. Germany announced that it has viewing software that can be used to view us in our homes via wi-fi bounce signals that bounce back and forth threw our homes and we can be viewed as to what we are doing. Beginning in 2022 they will be able to tell if we took a shower and then washed a load of laundry both in one day. That will be illegal.

There is much more going on than that. Remember that God said for us to shield our minds from evil. Don't forget to do that sometimes. Underground, above ground, mobile units, helmets, bonnets, etc. Evil has way too much control of us. Read Renee's book Please!

You won't have to ask why another, "Shooter", occured. It was directed by Moon Beams, yes remote thought signals. And much more evil things and events they will do. Unless we shield our minds more. May life wise-up some time soon. I pray they do. Remember that Ignorance, (not wanting to face the truth), and Denial added together equals STUPID! Let's not go there forever people! We can do better than being the STUPID! You can't discuss this subject? You are being controlled then. Fight for your life, body and mind. Let's do some shielding.

Why am I posting on this site? We are out in nature and see places that could help to shield. We are spending our time playing and not taking this seriously. We are the answer! The evil deeds will get worse and not better if we do not do some things. Life must do some shielding and be honest to beat this. They had us put, "The Beast", over ourselves. They hit us with a sucker punch before we knew what it was. That is still an evil system they are using. Real God said, "No"! For a good reason. That is body, mind and soul rape.

Remember, it will get worse unless we acknowledge and shield from! I believe! Help us out some God, we will need it. Never forget the real Creator loves us. He did not send this Beast. Evil did. I love you too God the Creator.

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