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09-16-17 09-17-17 Poker Flat/McCrea Meadow What a great run this weekend, a big thanks to Pat and Ron Dow for their hospitality Saturday morning. From that point on we did a lot of wheeling great camp that night. Sunday off to Gold Valley, Hawley Lake camp gate closed, went to the cabin, trail open, cleanest I've seen ever. Headed out 213 miles put on for this trip. Great group of people to wheel with. Thanks again Pat and Ron, Jack Ron Dow
09-08-17 09-10-17 Barret Lake Run Nine rigs came in on Friday. Four rigs went out on Saturday. Four rigs came in on Saturday. Camping was very tight. We ended up next to the Dam on the slabs. Friday night was very noisy. Saturday night much better. No major mechanical issues. Jason's electric Samurai was a hit. Rained Friday and Saturday evenings. Missed the hail storm. Trail was in good shape and I think it was a little easier than last year at Gate Keeper. In summary a very successful run. I had a great time Gary Redmond
08-24-17 08-26-17 Rubicon The Rubicon Run this year was a great time for all who attended. Couldn't have asked for nicer weather. We had 10 rigs go in on Thursday to Buck Island camp after a long day of wheeling the trail. Had camp to ourselves . Next day it was onto the Springs with one rig getting a flat tire. Quick trail fix, and moving on down Big Sluice to camp. Sat morning up early and out to Tahoe, with one rig losing a lower control arm within shouting distance of trail staging at paved road. AAA was called for tow out to get a good welding job. Lucked out where it broke, as it could have been a trail plug breakage. Once again the Rubicon Trail is always an adventure. Good times. Brian. Brian
05-13-17 - Clipper_Peterson Ridge About 14 people in 9 vehicles joined this exploration of Clipper and Peterson Ridges. Attending: Jack and Linda, Gil and Anita, Flynn and Ester, Dow and Kathy, Steve, Bob, Tom, and Mike. We wandered down some narrow and brush trails, found a short walk to a waterfall and checked out the trail head to to Wambo Bar and the Deadwood powerhouse. At one point we thought we could hear banjo music. I enjoyed the company and seeing some new country. - Martin W. Martin Ward
04-10-17 - Moab Report on our trip to Moab. RUNS, ACTIVITIES Thursday 4/6: Long Canyon / Pucker pass / Day Canyon Friday 4/7: Golden Spike Sat. 4/9: Cliff hanger with Red Rockers; Hells Revenge with Red Rockers Sun.4/10: Seven Mile Rim/ Wipeout Hill / Gemini Bridges / Bull canyon; Patriot Run Mon. 4/11: Rusty Nail with Red Rockers; Moab Rim with Red Rockers: Arches N.P.; Moonlight Fins & Things Tues. 4/12 Moab Rim with Red Rockers; Backwards Bill with Red Rockers; Klondike Bluffs / Tower Arch; Quadratec BBQ Wed 4/13: Kane Creek; Potluck Dinner Thurs. 4/14: Behind the Rocks with Red Rockers; Arches / Winery / Movie museum; Vender Show Fri. 4/15: Spring Creek Canyon/ Tusher tunnel (kids); Raffle, Sat. 4/16: free day Sun. 4/17: Hells Revenge / Fins & Things led by Don: Deadhorse / Canyonlands Mon 4/18: Canyonlands /Shaffer switchbacks / Pucker pass Tues. 4/19: Top of the World / Onion Valley / Castle Valley; Ken & Lou to Wellington for Pictographs ATTENDING (8 Club Members + 3 guests) Ken & Lou Bradley Steve & Kasy Cleaves Gary & Debbie Redmond Don Redmond Gil Leon & Anita Carter Bob Lisher and Sue Smith Art & Vicki Patino Jim & Diane Long Greg & Cindy Stearns (guest) Jared & Vanessa Wambaugh + Dakoda, Bryce, Ezera, Levi, Shilo (guest) Jordan & Liz Wambaugh + Allia, Elora, Amaya (guest) COMMENTS Lots of shopping, do not have a count on number of T-Shirts purchased. No major breakdowns. No bell worthy events. Weather was great, no rain or snow, a few windy days. Red Rocker trail crews were very good. Skunked again at the Big Raffle. Enjoyed our cabin at the Moab Valley RV Park. Moab is more fun with such a great group of people to wheel with. We had a great time! Regards, Gary & Debbie Redmond Gary
03-25-17 - Snow Run - Washington Areq Well we had another great day snow wheeling up around Washington. Had 11 rigs show up. We went up Gaston Grade to the snow. Hit it at about 5k feet elevation, just about everyone got to use their winches / straps etc. Never made it to Graniteville as the snow is still way to deep. We turned around about 8 miles up the hill. Brian. Brian