Saint Patrick’s Run and Potluck

Saturday March 17th

Meet at Ron and Pat Dow house at 9 am, leave at 9:15. Snow run was voted on. Ron is thinking about route.

Please bring a dish to share. Bring own drinks and plates forks etc.

Wear green and decorate Jeep just for the fun of it.


Update from Ron Dow:

To clarify Pat wants to do a potluck style breakfast at our house on Sat and then go on the run.  It may be a bit stormy to have a potluck out on the trail.  The weather will be a big factor and there is a possibility of some bad weather on Sat although it looks now as if the bulk of the storm should be over.  
After the potluck breakfast we would go on a snow run up the Hennis Pass Road from Camptonville over Graveyard Hill and on to Mountain House if we can make it that far.  Graveyard can be a bit challenging in the snow and it has been years since I have been up there.  It is a County road so no problems with the USFS. I think a big majority of the club may have never been on that road.  At least be  something new.  Please let us know how much interest there is in this.
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