We had a good turnout on Sunday Morning. 
The snow was deep and heavy. Made it past the corrals. Every one who wanted to had a chance at breaking trail.  Turned around and came out Henness Pass to Forest. Charle had issues with his transfer case and headed back in H2WD. To cases of ARB air lines breaking. Dow Williams seems to have worked out all the bugs on his rig and is ready to joins us in Moab. Scott and the three girls enjoyed playing in the snow, and I saw the start of a snow man in Forest. CJ decided he would rather drive than ride shot gun. Ron Dow hosted the trailer gang and 4 rigs joined us in  North San Juan. Jacob Cromwell broke snow for several miles as we headed back to Forest. Good to see Bob & Susan on the trail again, his rig running well. We always enjoy having Steve Nadworny on the trail but is better when his daughter Lisa joins us. We missed Pam Clemens but Reggie had Rosie to keep him company, Jim & Leslie Campe showed up in their Red JK Unlimited and did great, wish they could join us in Moab (I have set a date for Moab in 2019 Oct  6 - 12, should be enough time for Leslie to schedule her time off from work).
Gary Redmond

The Washington group also have a full day on uncut trails and everyone getting their chance to bust down the trail. Having Brian along always means that we will take a few "Wrinkles" off the main trail, took a few wrinkles off forest 21 up to forest 50 another wrinkle from 21 into 50 (sorry for the pin striping), up past the Gaston Grave (another wrinkle). I lost my front ARB air line heading up forest 50 and Kris K did some of the heavy lifting until he also lost front ARB air as well.  Although all had their chance to lead, Steve C, and Ken had the most success cutting trail with Ken doing most of the heavy lifting and Guinea Pig work punching through a wrinkle from forest 50 back to forest 21, being winched down into the South Fork Poorman Creek and back to forest 21, There we headed up to the Graniteville turn-off (only seeing snowmobile tracks), down through Graniteville and out through North Bloomfield to Nevada city.  The Trek from Graniteville to N Bloomfield was also interesting since the snow covered road was so beet up that there was very little to no steering control driving down the road.




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