Breaking Sailor Point Luge


Texas Hill

Gary & Debbie
Homer & Jim H
Gordon & Maureen, Shasta & Lassen

From Gordon:

We had, I would say the best snow conditions that I have ever wheeled in. There were times that I was pushing snow over the top of my hood at 20 mph.  The sun was out and the trail was cleared except for one oak that was laying across the road and one we had to cross under, both of which Joe took care of for us. 

We made it to the top of Onion Valley where we had lunch.  Gil caught up to us just as we were ready to head out. Shasta did great on her first run after having 6 chemo treatments however, she did throw up so we decided to head home. John followed me out while Gary led the rest of them up Texas Hill for a bit. We could hear them as we were leaving and it sounded like they hit a wall of snow so I am not sure how far they went. 

We didn't have to tow or strap and I do believe the only issue we had was Joe's rear locker light was not coming on so he didn't know if they were locked or not. I could hear on the radio Martin talking about a noise that was getting louder.  Not sure what that was all about. 

Overall, a great day to be on the snow. 


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