Don (Trail Leader - Bottom Up)
Gray (Trail Leader - Top Down)
Gil & Anita
Homer & Donna
Nick and Ginger
Donald & Pam
Jeremy, Angie, Abby and Austin
Gordon and Roger

From Don:

It was a beautiful day in the Sierras, sunny, calm and clear.  We met at
Sailor Point Rd and had a very good turnout. We split into two groups
with  Gary led one group up Texas Hill coming down Sailor Point.  I led
the other coming up from the bottom.  It was light trimming with a few
moderate trimming areas.  Gary finished at the top pretty quickly and
headed up the road towards Black Mountain and did a few log clean ups
there.  Our group finished trimming by 11:30 and all of us met in Onion
Valley for lunch and social time.  There were a number of campers
including RVs and a a group of side by sides.

After lunch Gary led a group out to Helester (?) Point to clear a tree
about a 1/4 mile from the point.  Gary can comment on how his day went.
The rest of us headed up Texas Hill Rd to Big Valley Bluff.  We saw a
number of vehicles and camp sites on the way, hunting season was still
open.  Came across a good size dead tree blocking the way about 1/2 mile
from the bluff. The crew did a quick job of getting the tree cut and
moved out of the way.  Then everyone enjoyed the fantastic view from the
bluff.  We came out FR-19 to Yuba Gap.  The road was damp, very few mud
puddles, no dust and little patches of snow at the top.  A nice trip out
with beautiful scenery.  Off the trail about 4:30.  I think everyone
enjoyed the day, I had a great day it was good to be out and about with
a great group of people.

I would like to thank everyone who attended for their help clearing.  We
now just need some snow and we would be set for WFF.

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