Saturday was a good day to be in the mountains.  The snow was very travelable and only a light rain from time to time.  On the trip were:


Gil and Anita    
Karen (Prospective) and son Richard

From Martin:

We headed up FR 50 to Graniteville Rd to FR41 (With a wrinkle) to Austin Meadow and north to Milton Reservoir.  We turned west on the Henness Pass Rd, then wrinkled onto Harris Meadow (FR98) before returning to the Henness Pass RD and finally airing up at the Big Tree.

We saw one other group of 3 on the trail. Some logging equipment must have come down Henness Pass Rd on Friday leaving the observed tracks.

There were no problems, not even a stuck. Some parts of the route were a bit slippery!

A good day!

From Jim:

That was a very enjoyable day of wheeling in the snow, and I would like thank both you and Joe for all trails we took, along with your insight into the history of these trails – I found it all very interesting! I would also like to thank John Frost for leading us up that “wrinkle” on FR41, that was a great little challenge for my 33” tires and stock suspension. In fact the whole day was just lots of fun, and perhaps the dogs who joined us had the most fun running about in the snow for the first time!

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Snow Run 11/2022 Snow Run 11/2022 Snow Run 11/2022 Snow Run 11/2022
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