18 rigs were on the run:

Carol and Jim B
Gordon B
Jim C
David C
Jim G
Patti and Jim H
Anita and Gil
Charlie and Friend
Dave P
Nancy and Jim T
Martin (leader)

From Martin:

The Mossy Pond/Rocky Pond run was a great success.  Light rain on the way
up, then nothing pretty much all day, followed by rain on the way back down
the hwy.

Karen kept a smile on her face as she piloted her Jeep along the trail.
We arrived at Mossy Pond about 11:30 and decided to proceed onto Rocky Pond.
The Rocky Pond trail is more technical and Karen got all the way to the lake
in good shape.

Lunched at Rock Pond.  Tom B fixed a tire off the bead just before lunch.
Fortunately it simply needed air and the bead set.  It was breezy and bit
cool, but still a very good day.

I am glad you all attended!

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