From Ron:

Pat and I have been up to the Hennis Pass area a couple of times in the past two weeks looking for an alternative route for my fun fest run.  I am attempting  to separate Homer and my runs. Last week we went to Downiville and up the back way (Galloway) to the corrals on Hennis Pass Road. It is a good alternative to having Frostbite and Siberian on the same trail.  I found what I was looking for and it would work. Not as scenic as going on up Hennis Pass though.  I went back again yesterday and went out the Galloway Road again. This time I turned down toward the Ruby Mine on the road that ties in with the Colony Mine Road  that comes back out at Mountain House. I found the Ruby Mine but it is a lot of down hill in that direction. Might be a problem coming back out if we have a lot of snow shortly before Fun Fest. A lot to see down at the Ruby, however it might turn out better to explore that area in the Spring on  a club run.  

Just have to see what the weather brings. I just hope we can separate Frostbite and Siberian. 

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