Leader: Brian

Had a good run today through TNF. Three rigs went out on many forest roads making our way to the gold mining town of Forest City.

Traveled up through the Oregon Creek drainage, the creek crossing was tricky , as steel crossing had been moved by high water, but we pushed on to Mountain House for lunch.

After lunch it was onto Sanduskey Trail where downed trees slowed us down again, but cleared with a little saw work. Onto Forest City 4 wheel up hill trail, and headed to German Bar Trail, got to heading down to Yuba River, and meet jeep coming back. Told us trail had big wash out above mine, So backed tracked to pavement for air up and home.

A full day wheeling TNF. Was told by a local that German Bar will be gated at top by property owner. So another fun trail will be no more. Sad.

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