Ken and Lou 
Kris and friend Dave

From Don:

Another beautiful sunny day in the Sierras.  We had 8 people, 6 rigs, and 6 friendly dogs.  There was 3 to 4 ft of heavy snow and it was slow breaking, even when we were not dragging.  Bob and Gordon broke up to the top of the luge but could not make more than a 100 yards or so past the irrigation ditch.  After getting some rigs stuck turning around we made it down and went over and broke Texas Hill.  Again it was heavy and slow going in the deeper snow areas.

Some of us started breaking Sailor Point and Gary, Kris and Gordon continued breaking Texas Hill towards Onion Valley.   We made it about a mile on Sailor Point with Bob breaking for abut 1/2 mile.  Then Ken (Mr Momentum) showing the power of his diesel blasting the last 1/2 mile of so.  We had lunch then headed down to Onion Valley.  Caught up to the other group just before Onion Valley.  The big rigs up front got us to Onion Valley but that was about it.  The snow was just too heavy and deep to make it further.

After some of us played around and got stuck, we headed back just in time to come across a Tundra pickup stuck trying to make the berm at the end of the plowed section of Texas Hill. Luckily his friends were there to pull him out so we only had about a 10 minute wait and we were off the trail around 3pm.  All in all a great day and I think everyone had a good time.  Once the snow settles it will be a good base. But with the amount of snow coming in we will need a lot of breaking to get ready for WFF.

Thanks to the attending for getting a good start on breaking the trail.


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