Gordon & Joe (Gordon's Father-in-Law)
Johnny & Jenna
Jerry & Dee
Scott & Thomas

From Gordon:

We left the schoolhouse at 9am with sunny and clear skies above. We headed towards Onion valley on Texas Hill Rd which had been traveled on by others.  I was playing on the way and had to get pulled out by Johnny.  We turned left into Onion Valley and headed up the hill with Johnny in the lead. We only made it as far as the entrance of the trail head before Johnny sank in the snow.  Johnny continued slowly up the hill while I stayed back to help the others.

I think we made it about 5 miles up the hill before turning around for lunch around 1:00-1:30. The snow  was up to bumpers and had the consistency of sugar.

Jerry took the lead heading back down the trail. He and Johnny headed out while Scott broke the trail past the campground to the right. We spent about an hour trying to move forward inch by inch. After not being able to climb the small hill we turned around and headed out. Overall a good day on the snow. 

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