Great day on the trail today!


Jim H
Brandy D

From Brandy:

The Siberian Crew and Frostbite Crew met up at Wendy’s this morning and headed up to Henness Pass. Splitting up, the Siberian Crew found a little snow early on, and it only got better from there. Nice drive down FR98, up to Keystone Gap where we met up with the Frostbite Crew again and parked for pics and to take in the views. Roughly 10 inches of dry, powdery snow at Keystone. Fun to drive in and lovely to look at.

Most of the group headed out toward Jackson Meadows while a few of us took Henness Pass back out and headed home from there. Only had to move one dead tree out of the road, otherwise conditions were great, and everyone had fun! Thanks to Gary and Homer for planning an excellent Siberian Express route for WFF.

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