Gordon (Trail Leader)
Gary & Debbie
Jim & Carol

From Gordon:

We left the School House at 9am heading to Onion Valley. There was much less snow on the road with pavement showing at multiple locations.

We headed up the hill at Onion Valley with Bob leading the way. Gary & Jim headed up Sailor Point then turned around to catch up with us. Snow was spotty on the way up and much less than what I expected.

We broke off the main trail heading up a couple of offshoots which turned out to be a blast with some deep snow. We ran into a very large tree on the second trail which was too big to cut with the saws, so we turned around and continued up Glacier Assault. We ended up running into some very deep snow as we pushed forward almost to the top.

All rigs did well and we were back at the School House somewhere around 3pm. 

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