Gordon (Leader)
Jim & Carol

Gordon's Report:

We left School house around 9am heading to Onion Valley. Texas hill had bare spots along the way, however, the area's with snow pretty much covered our tracks from the previous run, having a layer of about 12 to 14 inches of fresh snow. 

Jim, Jerry and myself turned left past the bathrooms and headed up Onion Valley. We had a few small trees to remove before getting to the top. The snow was up to my bumper so we thought this was a good place to turn around. 

Scott, Johnny and Tom continued up Black Mountain until the snow was so deep that all three were stuck. The rest of us came up behind them however, Jim ended up in a hole so Jerry stayed to help get him out. I kept going until I caught up with the other crew. Jerry and Jim turned around and waited at the trail head while Tom and I waited until we got both Johnny and Scott out. 

After a quick lunch we headed up Monumental Creek. The snow was getting a bit challenging which gave us an opportunity to practice some winching and tugging.  I made it to the usual turn around area then went back to pull Jim out of a hole.

Tom had an ABS light come on and Scott was having some running issues. Scott shut the engine off, restarted it and continued on with no issues. 

We ended back at school house to air down just after 4pm.

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