I want to really thank all who attended the Poker Flat run this year.  We had a great group and with one exception no serious breakdowns. The one exception was Homer who broke a mount on his front suspension but was able  to use ratchet straps and complete the run. We left North San Juan at about nine and after having visited the Devils Postpile had lunch at Poker Flat.

We continued on up the grade out of Poker Flat and on around the East side of Mt Filmore to McCrea Meadows where we camped overnight.  No other campers in the area even though bow season has begun.  Sunday morning heading  on up the ridge with great scenery and on into Gold Valley.  Passed up going into the cabin so as to give us more time at Snake Lake.

We had eight rigs this year and all made it up the snake lake trail rather easily.  Still challenging, as it always is, but had all really good drivers and no winching or breakdowns.

We were running a bit late in the day to go down Little Deer and out the valley so just continued on out the upper trail to Packer Saddle where we aired up and headed home.

As an aside I had no fuel problems.  Thought I would mention that as it is so unusual. Jeep ran perfectly. Of course I just pounded on my wooden desk.

Thanks again to all who participated.  I really enjoyed the weekend.

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