Breakfast Report from Pat:

What a turn out (over 30 attendees)! This is the way every new year should start. Thanks to all who contributed to an amazing meal. Burritos with fixings, cinnamon rolls, muffins. Bagels,  juice, fruit. Yum.

Run Report from Ron:


Ron (leading from behind)
Josh and Autumn (who really did most of the breaking)
Homer and Austin
Jim and Patti
Jim and Carol
Duane and Michelle
Jim w/ Dave
Don and Pam
Brandi (co-leader)
Jason with his kids 
Rand (Ron's co-driver)


I would  like to thank all who participated in our run for helping make it a special event. Especially Pat for putting on such a great breakfast. Again. 

This run, or runs, was important for prepping for WFF. Unfortunately we are a long way from done.  Homer's run coming up from Mountain House to the old Corals remains unbroken. And, in my opinion, probably still with a lot of trees that are down from the north wind we had, with what is now soft ground from all the rain we had.  We need to get that broken before those trees get covered up with a lot of deep snow.  

Again thanks to all of you. All were important to getting the trail packed in.  

 I am sure someone who participated in this may have been omitted from this list. If so please let me know. 

Run Report from Johnny:


Johnny (Trail leader)
Jerry (Johnny's father-in-law)
Gary and Debbie
Gordan and Maureen
Dean and Michelle
Don and Pam


I decided to split up the run and took a group up Moutanin House Rd out of Forest.  Leaving Forest on Mountain House Rd, we cleared about 4 trees off the trail. We made it to Hennes Pass intersection and started up the trail heading north east making it only about 1 mile before the snow became very challenging to break uphill. Eventually I got turned around and we ate lunch.

Gary led us back to Moutain House Rd staying on Henness Pass, now heading west on trail. Gary broke trail then Jerry broke trail. We eventually turned around when the snow thinned out. We took a few offshoot roads getting into some deep snow. Everyone in the group got to break trail.

It was a great day to start the new year. 

Run (Blizzard Pre-Run) Report from Jim:


Richard and Kathy
Jeff And Heather
Jim and Nancy (Trail Leaders)


We ran our trail kind of backwards from North San Juan, to Graniteville, up the hill to Forest 21/Bowman Lake Rd, and broke to March Mill (almost to Forest 50 intersection). Had a little mud going, becoming ice as we progressed, and then to snow. Interesting obstacles where water would cross the road with very heavy snow on top. It took about an hour to get six rigs turned around.

Glad we were the first in as we met several rigs (most not belonging in those conditions) on our way out. We went down Forest 21 through Washington and out. Even ran into houseboater friends on the run (snow run, NOT running from the law).  Could not have asked for better weather or scenery.  It was cold and so lunch was shortened. 

Although Snow was still heavy on top, some of the lower level snow (around Forest 21/50 intersection was thinning).  Plan to explore Forest 50 next.on the run ...

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