Gil and Anita (Trail Leaders)
Gordan and Maureen
Eric and Cloe (p)
Gary and Debbie
Mike and Joanne (p)

From Gil:

Uneventful drive from Wendy’s to Washington.  We aired down when the snow became slippery a couple of miles up Gaston Grade.  At the suggestion of Martin we split the group at FR50 with Martin, Gary, Gordon, Eric and Brian heading up FR50.  The rest of us continued up Gaston.  The washed out snow near the top of Gaston made for interesting drop offs and off cambers… some were three to four feet.  We turned east at Meadow Lake Road toward Marsh Mill.  After making our way past another group of Jeeps we tried to reach FR50 from the North end.  I went a little too far and ended up in very soft unforgiving snow.  It took us quite some time to get turned around and back to Marsh Mills.  By this time Martin’s group met up with us and we all headed out through Granitville and on to Malakoff and finally Nevada City.   



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