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Martin (Leader)

From Martin:

We had lots of dust in the air and wind on Saturday. Not much distance viewing. We made it to the cave and took the ½ mile nature walk and into the cave. Not much to see. A deck viewing platform and lots of soot on the roof indicating lots of fires.

Off to Rabbithole Springs. A rather lengthy drive with mining activity along the way. We reached a spot for camp, then dined, talked and went to bed. During the night it began to rain. And rain. I did not like this because the roads get really muddy and slippery. Finally it was time to stir. The rain was turning to snow.

It was nice to be in the van! Tom slept in the back of his new F150 with a camper shell on it.

We decided we better get going. Made about 200 yards before the van would not move in the slick mud. Tom could not get around me. The slick mud would not let him get out of the track.

I aired all tires down to about 20 psi from 60 psi. The van could move! From then on it did well and I used momentum in the puddles. We reached a spot where the road went around the edge of what was now a lake. Partially in the lake. I looked at it and finally decided to go. It was okay.

WE were glad to reach pavement finally and went to Bruno’s in Gerlach and bought breakfast. Then headed home. It was snowing quite well in Gerlach. However, Donner pass was fine, just snow coming down on the west side, but not accumulating.

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