Ron and Pat - trail leader
Reg and Pam 
Homer and Donna
Gary and Debbie
Gil and Anita
Don and Pam
Josh and Amber
Gary and Jill
Johnny and Jenna
Jim and Leslie
Elizabeth and Brandy

From Pat:

Elizabeth was ill so Brandy took her home.  Trip was long and tiring. 

We met at Forest station on corner 49 and Marysville Rd.  Headed north on 49 to Indian Valley and took a left on Cal Ida road.

We hit snow drifts at 4000 feet and had to air down.

Turned left onto FR 35 Cherokee Rd.  The sites we saw were McMahan Mine, Little Canyon Creek (which is Twin Culverts campsite).

Many trees down at times we had 2 chain saws and an axe going at the same time.

We turned on FR 25 towards Craig’s Flat Diggings and Morristown Diggings. Saw Morristown Cemetery site. Our goal was to get to Devils postpile and poker flat but had to turn around due to snow and time.

We also saw several waterfalls!

Run did not end until 6;30 pm!

Ron and I hope everyone enjoyed the run.


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