Ron and Pat
    Pam and Reggie
    Don ( Tuesday)
    Keith (Komstock Krawlers’s Tuesday)
    Moe and Donya

From Pat:

Arrived in the afternoon at Rodeo grounds and setup camp. Took a drive through old town Dayton. I want to do the walking tour sometime. The guys just wanted to get their jeeps dirty and explore. Took dirt road up a dirt road to 341? Then hit Hwy 50. We went past the Chocolate Factory. Thank God we did not stop! Went to the Stamp mill in Dayton also.

Meet at Virginia City visitor center. Keith lead us to meet Don and over shot him. We finally got all together and headed out Louse road. Keith and Don took turns leading the group. We went to Lyons Petroglyphs. Amazing!!! Then went to Chalk Hills. The road was washboard all the way. Ouch! Great views of mountains and desert. Back to camp beat up tired dusty but happy.

Off to Fort Churchill. Wash board again but not as long. Walk around read the history. Spoke with Park ranger and she told us about Buckland Station nearby. She went down and opened it for us while we checked out campgrounds. Buckland was very interesting. They played us a video about the Pony Express and Buckland Station. Worth seeing. Headed to Virginia City some had a late lunch, others ice cream. Went back to camp and Reggie brought out his propane campfire. So gathered around and enjoyed.

We packed up and went our separate way.

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