Moore’s Flat was a placer mining area founded by William Lewis Manly and others. The drain tunnel is easily found. Lots of rock. The east approach to the cemetery is encroached by lots of Manzanita. Last weekend Jim had said they were unable to reach the cemetery from the east.

Temperatures are moderating a bit over the weekend. Still, plan for warm and dusty. Anticipate being back about 4:00, unless we get sidetracked.

In Attendance:

Martin (Leader)

From Martin:

We traveled to Moore's Flat and cleared the western route to the cemetery. Someone else had cleared the logs I had seen a year or two previously. Ron wanted to cut a "big" tree out of the road. We finally found one for him as we headed east through Moore's Flat. Two cuts and we were able roll the pieces out of the way. We returned via Malakoff and Relief Hill. The weather was very pleasant.

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