Brandy and Libby
Mike and Joanne (prospective)
Scott and daughter Chelsea, and friend Hannah
Homer and Donna
Jim and Leslie
Ron and Pam (prospective)
Gil (until his check engine light came on)
Gary and Mary
Martin (Master of Plan B)
Karen (prospective)
Aurora and Kerry (prospective)
Alex (Guest)


From Brandy:

A few of the group got together this past Sunday (May 21, 2023) for a quick run up Henness Pass. We met up at Wendy’s at 9:00 and headed up the hill. There was no snow to be found at the trailhead, so we continued up the road about a mile and encountered a Road Closed sign. Not wanting to cause too much trouble going through the roadblock, we decided to go with plan B and head down Hell’s Half Acre to Alleghany, then down Kanaka Creek to check out the creek and stamp mill. We headed up a nice steep hill to Lafayette Rd, with the thought of meeting back up with Henness Pass to try for some snow.

We took a scenic drive through the countryside and cleared many trees while searching for snow… of which we found very little… We decided to try to find Alaska Mine; at some point we passed it and didn’t know, but the drive was lovely. Moved a few more trees, drove through a tiny bit of snow. Stopped for lunch in the shade at about 1:30.

After lunch we headed up a nameless trail hoping to still meet up with Henness Pass and find some snow before the end of the day. Found a very large tree blocking the trail instead, so we turned around and headed out the way we came. Finally did find a bit of snow to play in for a few minutes before deciding it was in everyone’s best interest to head out to Alleghany to air up and head home. Headed out of Alleghany at about 4pm.

It was a longer day than expected, and we should have brought chainsaws, flip flops, and sun hats rather than snow gear, but I think everyone had a good time and learned a few things, especially about adaptability!

Thank you to everyone who came out to play! Thank you for being good sports and exploring the snow-free mountain this weekend!
I attached the map of our travels for anyone interested, and there is a video posted on the GV4W Facebook Page. 

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