The Poker Flat Run was a success!

In attendance:

Brandy and Elizabeth
Gary and Debbie
Gordon and Maureen
Kris and Mary
Gary and Jill
Jim G
Jim L

Brandy Reports:

We started out in Downieville and headed up Saddleback around 10am.

Stopped a few times to enjoy the excellent views and spent a leisurely morning working our way up the hill. At about 5-6,000ft we hit many snow patches and downed trees that took time to clear. Everyone helped clear trees, dig trenches to work our way through the snow patches, and took turns getting a little stuck here and there.  Finally got to the trailhead and took a lovely, steep, downhill drive into Poker Flat.

Water crossing was fun, but Elizabeth didn’t like her feet getting wet. Explored Poker Flat for a few minutes before heading up the hill to LaPorte. About 1/4 mile up the hill we ran into a large tree blocking the road. Gordon and Martin gave it their best shot trying to clear it, but the tree was ultimately too large for the tools on-hand. We turned around and made our way back down the hill, and Martin found us a lovely road out that didn’t force us back through all the snow (nice work, Martin).

Off the trail at Cal Ida at about 5:30pm.  Overall, an adventurous day; we should totally do it again, but with bigger saws!


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