In Attendance:

Gary & Debbie
Richard & Kathy
Jim & Leslie
Reg & Pam
Jeff (prospective), and friends Kurt & Dave

Gary Reports:

We met at Packer Saddle Saturday morning. Martin was already out clearing trees in the Butcher Ranch area. The rest of us took the high road past Deer Lake heading towards Summit Lake. We ran into patches of snow and downed trees. At this point Richard & Kathy turned around and headed back due to a mechanical issue. 

We met up with Martin at Summit Lake. By this time he had already cleared 10 trees from the trails. 

From Summit Lake we tried to head down the Little Deer trail. We made it to the top of the trail where you can see the lake and had to turn around due to snow.

After lunch we headed down to Gold Valley and came up to a very large tree across the trail. All but Martin bypassed the tree and continued on.  We made it to the bottom of the Old Gold Valley Trail and turned around. Martin on his own cleared the tree from the trail and met us on our way out. He continued on to spend the night in Gold Valley.

Jim & Leslie; Reg & Pam; and Bob headed back to Packer Saddle.

Debbie & I; Jeff and friends; and John headed down to Sierra City. We came across an abandoned vehicle in a very precarious position completely off the trail. The only thing keeping the vehicle from rolling down a very long and steep mountainside was the rear hitch hung up on a downed tree.

This was Jeff's first run with the GV4W's. He and his friends were a great help clearing the trails of trees and branches. 

Thanks to all who helped with the trail work. I also want to recognize Martin for the amazing amount of work he completed on his own.

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