Ron D
Jim C (Leader)

From Jim C:

We took the Ridge Rd to Galloway into Downieville for a warmup on the way. We started the trail at Sierra City on Sierra Buttes Road up to the top by Packer Saddle. On the way, almost to the top, we passed three mountain bikers, I told them they were officially bad a$$es for riding up that mountain. We worked our way down to Gold Valley and followed Gold Valley until Hawley Lake Trail and then up to Hawley Meadow. One of the things Joe C requested at the last meeting was to look at the trail into the Meadow proper and see if it could be blocked. We found a bunch of downed trees and, with a bit of chainsawing and dragging, we got a large log across the road and a number of smaller chunks to discourage folks from further damaging the meadow. On the way back, we came down FR 93 (Gold Valley Road) to Union Flat on Highway 49 to conclude the run. No strapping anything but the log at the meadow and no one even got a hint of getting stuck. BTW, Gold Valley trail is extremely bushy and we need a large work party this fall to trim the willows back.

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