Thank you to all who attended and made it such a fun day! ​​​

In attendance:

Audra and Kevin
Jim and Carol
John and Lori
Gary and Debbie, and Master Radio Operator Everett
Rob and Willa
Gil and Anita
Steve Nadworny
Scott and Chelsea
Jeff and Kurt (Prospective)


From Brandy:

It was a warm and sunny day and we headed up the trail at about 9:45.

Jeff lost a brake line a little after 10:00, but was able to quickly repair and continue on. No other issues.

We reached the towers and stopped for lunch, pictures, and good conversation around 11:30, then continued down the hill.

About 1/2 the group broke off and headed home while the rest of us continued out to Mossy Pond, guided by Gary, Debbie, and Everett. During our adventure, a dead tree fell into the pond, which is a good reminder to be respectful of nature and understand that anything can happen out there.

Gil and Anita incurred a little damage on a tree stump on one of the tight turns, but overall everyone made it through unscathed.  Headed out and aired up at Cisco Grove around 4:45. 

Great run to Signal Peak and Mossy Pond last weekend!

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