In Attendance:

Gil and Anita
Jeff and friend Kurt
John and Laurie

The group made it to Moore’s Flat and the Ancho Erie mine. 

From Martin:

We drove straight to Moore’s flat and walked around looking at the drain tunnel and rock piles. Some more abandoned vehicles were evident.  The road to the cemetery was blocked by 3 good size, old trees that had fallen.  No one took chainsaws, not wanting to run them in the dry and hot conditions.  We may need to go back and clear the trees once the weather cools and some moisture falls.

We went past Buck's ranch and out to have lunch in the shade at Snow Tent Springs.  Thence to Graniteville and down Gaston grade to the powerline route to Spanish Mine. The route has been graded, filling in the ruts!  Brian (not attending) had told me that the gate above Spanish Mine was locked,  so we made the turn out to Ancho Erie mine.  At the mine we looked into the horizontal adit.  The water running out was very cold and provide air conditioning in the immediate area.  From there, we proceeded down to the mill site and finally out to air up and call it a day.

It was a very good day and we felt we had missed most of the high heat for the day.

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