Brian secured permits to run the "Gulch" and invited club member to join him.  It was a good turnout:  Mike and Pat B., Gary and Debbie R., Tim and Brenda C., Jordan and family, Steve and Casey, Donna and Homer and I am sure I am missing someone, writing at this late date.

Linda had arranged the viewing area complete with snacks (others brought snacks too!), chairs and umbrella's for shade.

Brian had rental rigs available.

Flops, roll-over and falling off bridges were the fodder for much merriment. Tim's rig suffered a broken front axle shaft and Jordan's rig suffered a stripped pitman arm. 

All vehicles were successfully recovered and no debris was left behind in the Gulch.

Jordan suggests another day with the challenge to see who can go the furthest around the Gulch track before flopping or rolling.  I think that is a good idea and good challenge!

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