Single Day Attendees:

Gary and Debbie
Lisa and Steve

Overnight Attendees:

Ron and Pat
Eric, Nichole, and Chole
Ron and Pam
Donna and Homer

Day 1:

At Ridge Rd and Pliocene Rd we split into 2 groups, one led by Ron and the other by Brian.

Ron’s group stopped by Cornish Camp and the Keystone vista point. Both groups met at Milton Reservoir for lunch. Aurora had a little mishap. Lol.  After lunch, the groups headed to Jackson Meadows, and stopped for restroom breaks and photos. On to Cow Camp to setup for the night. Ron led some to head for waterfalls. He will add to this post about the adventures. Steve and Lisa stayed at camp and visited along with Tom, Donna, Pat, Aurora, Eric, Nichole, Chole, and Dave. The rest went with Ron. Dave went fishing  Ron’s group was late for potluck at 6, as always when exploring. Food was plentiful and delicious. Thanks cooks.

Day 2:

Breakfast was around 7 am. Ron again led a hiking adventure to English Dam. Ron (not the leader), Pam, Nichole, and Chole came back to camp after seeing the first dam. Ron (the leader), Martin, Jim and Eric ventured to 3rd dam.

Ron and Pam left for Bowman lake. Dave left for Independence Lake area. The rest waited 2.5 hours for the rest to come back. Martin left towards Graniteville. The rest split up at Hwy 89. The ones that went through Sierraville and Downieville stop for lunch at Bassett Station. Good times had by all.

Ron’s report:

I wanted to add a bit about the falls:  After two prior trips in the last three weeks looking for them and with Martin’s uncanny navigation skills we finally located them. I estimate them to be a bit more than 85 feet in height. Really an almost casual hike to get to them. Less than 1/4 mile from where we parked. The people that know about them call them Bent Falls. That comes from the fact that there is a survey monument very close to them where the county line between Sierra and Nevada Counties makes an almost 90 degree bend.  Some of us hiked to the third dam of the three dams that comprise English Dam. One of the dams that still stands and the main dam that failed, and caused all the historic damage downstream, are easily accessible from the cow camp. The third wing dam is a bit more difficult to access. We hiked to it but it is a hike. I found a road on east end of it that goes somewhere and once I find where somewhere is we can drive right to it. The third dam is still intact and is worth visiting. It is the best example of the type of dams that were built back then.

REMEMBER: these attractions are on private property and needs owner’s permission to access.

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