Gil, Anita, Brian, Steve and Martin spent Saturday out in the woods.  First was a visit to the Dillon Mine site to poke around, then off to Ancho Erie Mine site.  However, the log bridge looked a bit too sketchy to attempt.  Someone had blocked it as a warning.  The upstream log had fallen and some of the deck boards were rotten.

While there appeared to be reasonably fresh tire tracks on the far side, we determined if the bridge did fail under load, it would be nearly impossible to recover a vehicle out of the gully.

We turned around and head to the top of Spanish Mine to lunch with a view.

Then off to Moores Flat and the cemetary.  The route has become a bit overgrown.  Gil and Martin cut some of the manzanita back.

When nearly to the cemetary, we came across an SUV with a couple that was headed to Downieville following some book.  Apparently lost, they were in the process of turning around after they let us pass.

All in all a good day and everybody made it back for dinner.

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