From Ron Dow:

Just got back from the Alleghany dump. 4 feet of new snow on the road. About 6 feet where we air down. All soft powder so it will settle down a lot. One lane road from Pike to Alleghany. Hard to get around an oncoming car. Better have 4 wheel drive to do so. Alleghany still out of power. No date yet set for PGE to even look at what is wrong. They will be bringing in snow cats and going in from the dump which means that will all be plowed out. There  is a possibility that there will be enough snow cat traffic to pack in the road to the corrals. It is thought they will be going both ways from there so that may help us. There are countless trees down and that may help us because they may have to cut the trees out to get their equipment through. I couldn’t even count all the trees down between highway 49 and the dump. 

Probably about 6 feet of snow at the dump. 

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