Martin W
Tom B
John F
Dave C
Gordon B and Joe

From Martin:

It was an excellent trip into Gold Valley. 

We took Galloway Grade to Downieville, then FR93 from Union Flat, Butcher Ranch and finally dropped down into Gold Valley.  The Isuzu was challenged by some of the bigger rocks.  Lunched at Camp 1, then headed up the valley to spend the night at Opie’s cabin at Hawley Meadow.  In the morning we made a liesurely departure going North and out through Eureka State Park.

From Gordon (vis awarding the Bell to Dave C for exemplary offroad performance):

I am not sure that we can find a place high enough to hang it.  I thought you were going to rip off your lower control arms so we can't hang it down there.  I was sure your rear shock mount was coming off so that is not a good place.  Oh, we can hang it off your fender...  No, that won't work since your gas tank came right off when it hit the tree.  Anyway those are not really Bell worthy events.  However, the positive battery cable coming off the battery while driving?  THAT IS BELL WORTHY.  We can rig up a pole from your front bumper with a hook on it and that way you can see it while driving.

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