Don Redmond

Tom Booth

Gil & Anita Leon

Jim & Leslie Camp

Homer & Donna Owens

Ron & Pat Dow

Ken & Lou Bradley

Gary & Debbie Redmond

Jim & Carol Bowman



At the start of the run on Risue Road Jim Bowman during air down found the left upper rear control arm bolt in the frame was missing. Among us we had the replacement bolt and tools needed. Thanks to all those lending a hand we had him ready to go in about an hour. We proceeded up Risue Road to a mine site. From there we continued on to Lobdell Lake and then out via Burcham Flat road to Walker. Clear skies (no smoke) and groves of Aspen trees turning color.


Turned on Burcham Flat road south of Walter heading for Mt Patterson. Had lunch at a mine site just below the mountain. At the top there was little wind and clear blues skies. Amazing view. Continued on to the Belfort townsite then out through Sweetwater. We had dinner at Rosie's Mexican restaurant in Wellington.


Drove to Bridgeport and took Aurora Canyon Road to Bodie State Park. Spent a few hours there. Drove out Hwy 270 to 395 then took Green Creek Road to Dunderberg Meadows which has several groves of Aspen trees turning color. Came out at Virginia Lakes and drove back to Bridgeport for dinner at the Bridgeport Inn. Smoke was starting to move back into the area from the fires in Sequoia National Park.


The first half of our run we planned to take Kings Canyon Road from Carson City to Spooner Summit.  The road was closed due to construction so took Hwy 50 to the summit and headed south to Genoa Peak where we had lunch. Great views, some smoke in the air.  Most headed south to Kingsbury Grade and back to Topaz Lake. Myself Debbie, Gil & Annita took Logan's Loop back to Hwy 50 and headed home. Found several groves of Aspen trees turning color.

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