WFF 2022 GV4W Glacier Assault Crew

Gil & Anita
Scott (our tail gunner)

From Gil & Anita:

First of all the crew on Glacier Assault was awesome… from the vehicle checks to keeping everyone moving on the trail… they aced it.  

We had 23 rigs with 57 participants, three of the rigs were sent over from Don’s Tundra Trek run because their rigs weren’t qualified for the extreme conditions on Sailor Point.  At the air down on Texas Hill a local resident came out to greet us and asked permission to make a drone video of all the Jeeps.  He then emailed the video to me… I’ll post this to the WFF FB page.  

The ride up Texas Hill was beautiful with un-broken snow (three to six inches) from the last storm.  There were minimal problems getting to the Onion Valley Campground.  We stopped long enough for everyone to visit the facilities and then headed up to Black Mountain.  We had lunch at the end of the trail… with Black Mountain to our backs and beautiful vistas in front of us.  

I had a chance at lunch to talk with some of the participants.  Some of drivers had never wheeled in the snow… while others were very experienced.  There was a group of drivers from the California Jeep Girls 4x4 Club… all very capable wheelers.  They made multiple posts to the WFF FB page with their photos and videos of the run.  

The way out was a bit interesting because of the icy conditions… but uneventful.  Even with the run up Black Mountain… with the existing conditions… I would rate this run as very moderate.

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