WFF 2022 GV4W Tundra Trek Crew:
Jim and Carol
Kris and Mary   (Prospective Member)

From Don:

It was a beautiful day for a snow run: sunny, cool and fresh snow. We had a slow start getting everyone checked in with a number of no shows and sending 3 rigs to Glacier because they were not set up to make this run.  Thank you Gill....   We ended up with 25 rigs plus 7 crew which was a good number for this run.  We left staging around 9:30 and were aired down and on the trail a little after 10.  Snow conditions were moderate to extreme with 2-4 inches of fresh snow over hard pack over soft snow.  We had a few rigs get stuck in berms getting to the luge while I was staging a couple of crew on the first hill.  We had to winch the first rig up two steps, then we had everyone air down to 8psi and the rest were able to make it up the first hill with minor difficulty.  Most rigs were able to make it to the top but a number of rigs need a tow through a deep hole then up a berm.  We were all on top of the luge by noon, where we had lunch and fixed a rig which lost a tire bead.  The going was great after that with fresh snow that was easy to drive except for the berms.  We took it slow though the berms, steep drops in and climbing out made it challenging and fun. We had a number of off camber sections which got everyone's attention.  We had to tow a few rigs through the tough berms and some tire bead issues but were at the look out by 2pm.  Had a nice break, then a slow pleasant drive out via Texas Hill Rd.  Everyone was safely off the trail around 3:30pm.  The participants I talked to all thought is was a great time.  For me it was one of the best WFF runs I have been on.  Great Crew, challenging snow, excellent participants and beautiful weather and scenery.

I would like to give a big thanks to the crew listed above who had their work cut out getting everyone up the luge.  I would especially like to thank Gary who I staged at the first hill and he made sure everyone made it up luge.  It would not have been possible with out all the work the crew members performed.

And a big thanks is deserved to all the GV4W members and friends who put in 7 long runs breaking and brushing the trail.  The trail was brutal to break through this year but turned into the best WFF conditions I seen on this run.  All the work really paid off.

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